Feet and sneakers gay videos

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A little advice if you want to turn a guy on: put on a ski mask, install a camera above your bed and tell him that thousands of dudes are going to toss off over the internet watching him while you fuck the daylights out of his ass! Then you bang him senseless, trample him and film the money shot! That's what Tyzer did and excited the hell out of…

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One afternoon my dude Tyzer and me decide to go to our favorite sports complex... our bed! We get all decked up in jerseys,…

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Tyzer is erect like a bull! One's thing for sure, I'm gonna get it! To put the pressure on, he starts playing with my balls and…

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A couple of bad boyz get out of their housing project for some fuck business... in front of our cameras. The find a huge vacant…

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A couple of 19 year old friends are playing street soccer and then go to a vacant lot to follow their dream of becoming stars.…

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Tony adored the macho and domineering fireman. So he's back for more of Manu's magic and this red hot scene is so intense, you…

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Manu and Tony have already starred together in "Dominate me Manu!". Tony just loves Manu because he's one dominating fireman…

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Coming home from soccer practice, Tyzer caught me in front of the TV. My punishment was immediate! I have never seen him such an…

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A couple of straight inner city dudes gave accepted to spank themselves in front of our camera. 1 in his car, the other in his…

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Start of the session: a little trampling and sneaker cleaning like the doctor ordered! Once they are clean, Tyzer can't help but hold them up to my nose and to let me get the full effect of their odor. Then he pisses on me. Once I'm soaked, I get to soak his sneakers. In the heat of the moment, I fucked on of those piss soaked sneakers and blew a…

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A dude is looking for some action in the forest. A car drives by, stops and reverses. A couple of badboyz dressed to kill get…

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It happens in a cruising bar in Paris. After getting heated at the bar, all 7 of us go downstairs into the basement in our…

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Laurent and the dazzling Rubben are truly together in life. To spice up their sex life, these pure hotties are shoe fetishists…

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You're jogging and you come across a stud in sneakers who looks you up and down then hides in the thicket to keep checking you…

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