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We hooked up with my pal Antoine at the rest stop to sniff and lick like I love love love to do! Once he cut the engine, he jumped on me…

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Tyzer just put on his shoes and I get help but want to huff them, lick them and jack off inside! But Tyzer doesn't want to stop there! A…

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One Sunday afternoon a couple of dudes are hanging out and watching a sneaker fetish vid. Of course the vid is going to give them all sorts…

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Tony adored the macho and domineering fireman. So he's back for more of Manu's magic and this red hot scene is so intense, you won't ever…

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Tommy and Dennis are looking for a easygoing, young and cool roomie. Rick comes in and he's interesting. Once he's done the tour of the flat, he gets settled and starts sucking Dennis off. After getting a good taste of that cock Rick is going to dive into both of their asses right there on the couch. While they're getting their asses pounded, they get a…

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Rien de tel qu'une bonne odeur de TN pour finir la journée ! Alors qu'il se rend dans le cruising du coin, un jeune lascar choppe une…

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Seul chez lui, Medhi appelle Roméo pour un bon décrassage de skets. Dès qu'il arrive, le beau mec tatoué se met à genoux pour lui…

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After a long day, Nico comes home to his dude and to celebrate that, the well trained cum bag is going to lick his master's shoes and feet.…

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In a club in Lyon, Nick TN hooks up with stud in stinky socks. After getting nose load of foot and sneaker, Scally pulls out his cock and…

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It was a Sunday afternoon and I was hanging in a club in Lyon. Then this stud throws me a dirty look and suddenly he starts slobbering all over my sneakers. I was suddenly as hard as a rock and when he saw the bump in my pants, he practically ripped them off to get a mouthful. With that slutty look of his he starts to sniff my socks and lick my shoes clean…

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During the match, when everyone was on the pitch, a couple of English lads are in the locker room. Instead of going back out to play, they…

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