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Tyzer just put on his shoes and I get help but want to huff them, lick them and jack off inside! But Tyzer doesn't want to stop there! A trampling, tennis shoes exhibition ends up with a dick pleased by a pair of butt cheeks. It's guaranteed result: A fountain of cum! 100% French Amateur action signed by Xskets!

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3 bad boyz are in visiting the basement in skiddies and sneakers with the firm intention of getting their kicks between men. On the menu,…

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After hanging around all day, Stef and I took a shortcut through the woods to get home. Both of us had on our bad boy look with track suit…

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There's train tracks running past my hood but the trained don't run no more. It's in the middle of the pine forrest that you hear crickets…

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We hooked up with my pal Antoine at the rest stop to sniff and lick like I love love love to do! Once he cut the engine, he jumped on me…

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Tony adored the macho and domineering fireman. So he's back for more of Manu's magic and this red hot scene is so intense, you won't ever…

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Tommy and Dennis are looking for a easygoing, young and cool roomie. Rick comes in and he's interesting. Once he's done the tour of the…

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Rien de tel qu'une bonne odeur de TN pour finir la journée ! Alors qu'il se rend dans le cruising du coin, un jeune lascar choppe une…

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Seul chez lui, Medhi appelle Roméo pour un bon décrassage de skets. Dès qu'il arrive, le beau mec tatoué se met à genoux pour lui…

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After a long day, Nico comes home to his dude and to celebrate that, the well trained cum bag is going to lick his master's shoes and feet. But what he loves above all is getting a face full of cock! Nico is well-endowed in that department and is going to feed his pup a large steak deep in his throat! 100% foot trip pin' fun from Tony Rekins.

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In a club in Lyon, Nick TN hooks up with stud in stinky socks. After getting nose load of foot and sneaker, Scally pulls out his cock and…

  • 22 minutes
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It was a Sunday afternoon and I was hanging in a club in Lyon. Then this stud throws me a dirty look and suddenly he starts slobbering all…

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During the match, when everyone was on the pitch, a couple of English lads are in the locker room. Instead of going back out to play, they…

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