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2 bad boyz hook up. Immediately, 1 starts to suck the other with his cock out of his underwear! His big North African cock gets out and they start to get steamy in their clothes. Once he's all sucked up, he going to gets his balls worked on. Then…

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A couple of pure-bred bad boyz set themselves up in a backroom for some serious action. They are ready to start firing in every direction but take it slow with some cock sucking and rubbing. Then once they're both all fired up, they keep back the…

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Our bad boyz find their little slut in a sling with his ass puckered in the air. He's waiting for 1 thing only. He wants to get his ass plowed by these hunks! After offering their dicks to get sucked, then they give him the violent sodo-session of a…

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In a warehouse, a couple of bad boyz are putting in some overtime. It's not like they need the money. They just want to be alone so they can fuck each other's brains out. These 2 inter city dudes like to piss on each other and get their cock smoked.…

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A couple of bad boyz get out of their housing project for some fuck business... in front of our cameras. The find a huge vacant lot full of mud where they're going to pork likes pigs. With 1 dude's cock all sucked up and hard, the sluttier of the 2…

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A couple of 19 year old friends are playing street soccer and then go to a vacant lot to follow their dream of becoming stars. Bending down to tie a shoelace, one of the dudes sees his friend's cock hanging out the bottom of his shorts. Amazed by…

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A couple of straight inner city dudes gave accepted to spank themselves in front of our camera. 1 in his car, the other in his bed! They get out those hard cocks of theirs and stroke away until they cum away! Both really get into the filming and…

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It happens in a cruising bar in Paris. After getting heated at the bar, all 7 of us go downstairs into the basement in our sneakers and skivvies. Jee, our blonde hottie, is going to put his superb ass out for all of us to enjoy eating out all night!…

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You're jogging and you come across a stud in sneakers who looks you up and down then hides in the thicket to keep checking you out. So what do you do, pal? You follow him, there's no choice. That's Leidrick does. Clearly I didn't miss a thing. In…

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Basti goes to a nightclub and everyone digs his baby face and his sensual body. He notices a dark haired guy in the back and follows him to the basement. Straight away he starts to caress him and then lays him on a table in order to slobber over a…

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Tommy and Dennis are looking for a easygoing, young and cool roomie. Rick comes in and he's interesting. Once he's done the tour of the flat, he gets settled and starts sucking Dennis off. After getting a good taste of that cock Rick is going to…

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n a nightclub basement, a 21 year old blonde dressed in a tracksuit starts to fondle his cock and shaved balls. A dude sees this and comes closer and then plunges his cock into the blonde's mouth and makes him suck without any moderation. After…

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In a nightclub basement a couple of dudes in sneakers and skivvies find a nice, docile, blond slut! He's sucked miles upon miles of cock without letting up. The more he sucks, the more he wants to suck! And whenever he gets one firmly in the ass, he…

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Salut gars ! T'as kiffé te sturber devant Kiff Skets Survets 4 ? Cool, paske avec mes potes kiffeurs, on remet ça ! Tony, Steph, Leidrick, Pascal... ces bogoss attendaient plus que ma cam pour se lâcher devant. Des plans sniff et léchage de…

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