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2 bad boyz hook up. Immediately, 1 starts to suck the other with his cock out of his underwear! His big North African cock gets out and they start to get steamy in their clothes. Once he's all sucked up, he going to gets his balls worked on. Then…

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Our bad boyz find their little slut in a sling with his ass puckered in the air. He's waiting for 1 thing only. He wants to get his ass plowed by these hunks! After offering their dicks to get sucked, then they give him the violent sodo-session of a…

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In a warehouse, a couple of bad boyz are putting in some overtime. It's not like they need the money. They just want to be alone so they can fuck each other's brains out. These 2 inter city dudes like to piss on each other and get their cock smoked.…

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With Tyler you don't have a choice, you lay down, shut your mouth and take it! Soon it becomes a test of endurance... I could hardly take it. Just to make me nervous he pulled down my shorts and handcuffed me. I just knew this guy was going to poke…

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After pissing all over me, he pulled off one of his socks and stuffed it all the way up my ass and then pulled it right back out! Man, you wanna talk about the pain! After that he got me down and filled my ass full of sperm! After that, he…

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A little advice if you want to turn a guy on: put on a ski mask, install a camera above your bed and tell him that thousands of dudes are going to toss off over the internet watching him while you fuck the daylights out of his ass! Then you bang him…

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Tyzer is erect like a bull! One's thing for sure, I'm gonna get it! To put the pressure on, he starts playing with my balls and that really hurts. Who cares right. A good recto-verso trampling and squishing my dick is a good prize. I just can't take…

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A couple of bad boyz get out of their housing project for some fuck business... in front of our cameras. The find a huge vacant lot full of mud where they're going to pork likes pigs. With 1 dude's cock all sucked up and hard, the sluttier of the 2…

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A couple of 19 year old friends are playing street soccer and then go to a vacant lot to follow their dream of becoming stars. Bending down to tie a shoelace, one of the dudes sees his friend's cock hanging out the bottom of his shorts. Amazed by…

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A dude is looking for some action in the forest. A car drives by, stops and reverses. A couple of badboyz dressed to kill get down from the car. After a couple of words the dudes get into some serious outdoors action. In the sunshine there is some…

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Laurent and the dazzling Rubben are truly together in life. To spice up their sex life, these pure hotties are shoe fetishists and ask us to film them fucking hard in tennis shoes and socks. On equal terms, they take turns liking each other's asses…

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You're jogging and you come across a stud in sneakers who looks you up and down then hides in the thicket to keep checking you out. So what do you do, pal? You follow him, there's no choice. That's Leidrick does. Clearly I didn't miss a thing. In…

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In the lockers, a punk is going through a bag and pulls out a pair of sneakers. With cock in hand, he gets a good whiff of them. That's when William comes in and surprises him. Despite the confusion, the punk doesn't back down, "I bet I can make you…

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Basti goes to a nightclub and everyone digs his baby face and his sensual body. He notices a dark haired guy in the back and follows him to the basement. Straight away he starts to caress him and then lays him on a table in order to slobber over a…

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