Feet and sneakers gay videos

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After a long day, Nico comes home to his dude and to celebrate that, the well trained cum bag is going to lick his master's shoes and feet. But what he loves above all is getting a face full of cock! Nico is well-endowed in that department and is going to feed his pup a large steak deep in his throat! 100% foot trip pin' fun from Tony Rekins.

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Suivez dans ce premier volume, les délires ultra cul de Tony Rekins et ses potes ! Qu'il soit devant ou derrière la cam, Tony sait y…

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Dans ce septième film Xskets, 7 keums hyper och se lâchent à donf' dans une backroom ! Plan pisse, décrassages de skets, défonce au…

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Alex is a young and hairless lad from Lyon who's passive, submissive and loves to lick old and smelly sneakers clean. Fabio is a stud from…

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After a night in the bars, Tony ends up at Fabio TN's. Soon he finds himself in the dark with a dude in sports shoes and sweats on the end…

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Tony goes to empty his nuts in a club and finds a hottie who puts his hand right on the package! Tony calls Fabio TN to come and take over…

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In a club in Lyon, Nick TN hooks up with stud in stinky socks. After getting nose load of foot and sneaker, Scally pulls out his cock and…

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It was a Sunday afternoon and I was hanging in a club in Lyon. Then this stud throws me a dirty look and suddenly he starts slobbering all over my sneakers. I was suddenly as hard as a rock and when he saw the bump in my pants, he practically ripped them off to get a mouthful. With that slutty look of his he starts to sniff my socks and lick my…

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Après une longue nuit dans les clubs de Chueca, le plus célèbre quartier gay de Madrid, nos chiens de la rue, très excités, rentrent…

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Salut, c'est encore Yoan. Hé les gars, vous êtes vraiment gourmands ! Suite à vos nombreux messages, c'est avec un grand plaisir que mon…

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Salut, c'est encore Yoan et son mec Tyzer. Face au succès incroyable de "Piétine-moi!" notre premier film, nous avons décidé de…

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Salut, moi c'est Yoan. Avant tout, mon trip c'est d'être soumis ! Ce que j'aime : les plans skets, mais surtout être tramplé par mon…

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In a back room a couple of sluts with hungry asses, a hung Arab stallion and a beast with an iron cock are going to have a little fun. They…

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I was excited that day. I told Tyzer "Hurt me good!". My wish was his command... First if all he kicked me with his tennis shoes and then…

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